12 pcs Love Heart 3D Mirror


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The love heart shape brings a romantic and whimsical feel to any space. Whether you want to enhance a bedroom, living room, or even a nursery, these mirror stickers create an enchanting atmosphere. The self-adhesive backing on each heart sticker makes them easy to install. Simply peel off the protective film and adhere the stickers to a clean and smooth surface. This allows for effortless placement and repositioning, without the need for additional tools or mounting hardware. The acrylic material used for these mirror stickers is durable and resistant to breakage. This makes them safe to use in various settings, including homes with children or pets. The shatterproof design reduces the risk of accidents, providing peace of mind while enjoying their decorative effect. The mirror surface of the heart stickers reflects light and creates the illusion of a larger space. They add depth and dimension to your walls, making them visually appealing and captivating. These love heart mirror stickers can be easily cleaned with a soft, non-abrasive cloth to maintain their shine and clarity. 


(2 x 2.651 “)( 2 x 2.165 “) (2 x 1.791 “) ( 2x 1.467 “) ( 2 x 1″) (2 x .7”)