Cordless Sweeper SWIVEL SWEEPER G6 Red-White(1

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    It is a handy vacuum cleaner that works on batteries and can be used for pumping all types of floor surfaces. It features a number of improvements, making your cleaning apartments additionally much easier. The advantage of the latest model G6, it is also in this, that are attached to which two batteries, which further facilitates its use.
    You do not have the time to make every day sucked, sweeping it you feel poor, The solution is to Swivel Sweeper, a very popular device for cleaning all types of floors. It combines the advantages of brooms and vacuum properties.

    1 x Swivel Sweeper G6
    2 x Rechargeable Batteries
    1 x Manuel
    1 x Electric Charger
    2 x Rods  


    38.99 x 23.01 x 8 cm; 5 Grams