English Counting DIY Acrylic Wall Clock (M)


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SIZE: 45x45 CM

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Our clock boasts a precise clock movement, with an accuracy of more or less than half a second. If you should be out the door by a certain time or if you have a scheduled conference call in half an hour, just one glance at the wall and you’ll know if you’re still on schedule or if you’re already running late. You won’t have to worry about a clock that’s minutes behind the actual time or minutes too early.

With the look of this timepiece on your wall, it’s enough for you to steal a glance to know exactly what time it is whenever needed. And with our clock’s silent movement, you won’t hear ticks that make you feel panicky or like you’re racing against time. Your downtime at home will be filled with peace and calm, and your rest will be undisturbed. You’ll get to enjoy comfortable silence in your solitude.

Who said wall clocks are boring, unexciting gifts? You can’t go wrong with an exquisitely and thoughtfully designed modern timepiece.
Give friends or family this impressive gift for an upcoming housewarming party or a special occasion. Let them know that time is of the essence in style. Our DIY wall clock comes in a box that’s suitable for gift-giving. Surely, this decorative yet useful piece of art won’t just gather dust on a shelf!