Kids Swimming Goggles, Water Pool Goggles

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How to wear swimming goggles properly and easily?

1. Loosen the strap.

2. Press the swim goggles to your eyes, but don't put the strap around your head. If the goggles create a seal and hold tight to your skin for a few seconds without holding them in place, then they are a good fit.

3. Put the strap around your head. It should be even with the goggles and tight enough that the goggles don't slip down your nose. If it feels like the goggles are poking into your skin, you need to loosen the strap.

How long the anti-fog will last?

1. Always remember to moisten the lens inside so the coating can work.

2. Never wipe the lens.

3. After your swim, wash the lens with fresh water and then let it air dry.

4. If the product fogs up again, please buy an anti-fog solution or try to use baby shampoo and water-mixed liquid. 


17.4 x 6.2 x 5 cm; 100 Grams