Philip Remote Control

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    Compatible with Belowing TV models:

    50PUT6103 50PUT6103/56 55PUT6103 55PUT6103/56 32PHT5102 32PHT5102/79
    43PFT5102 43PFT5102/79 50PUT6102 50PUT6102/79 50PUT6103 50PUT6103/75
    50PUT6133 50PUT6133/75 50PUT6133/79 55PUT6102 55PUT6102/79
    55PUT6103 55PUT6103/75 55PUT6103/79 55PUT6133 55PUT6133/75
    58PUT6183 58PUT6183/75 58PUT6183/79 65PUT6162 65PUT6162/79
    70PUT6774 70PUT6774/75 70PUT6774/79 55PUT6133/79 55PUT6102/56 


    18 x 5 x 2 cm