Time Dots 3D Wall Clock L (24×24)


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Crafted with precision and creativity, the clock's dots come in various sizes and finishes, adding a sense of depth and dimensionality to your wall. The metallic or glossy dots are strategically arranged to create a cohesive and striking composition, evoking a sense of modern elegance that complements contemporary interiors.

With an absence of conventional clock hands, the Time Dots 3D Wall Clock defies traditional norms and instead embraces a fresh and innovative approach to timekeeping. The dots gently rotate and orbit around the clock face, forming a constantly changing and mesmerizing pattern that captivates onlookers.

Easy to install, the clock comes with all the necessary hardware to securely mount it on your wall. Once in place, it becomes a captivating focal point, transforming any room into a gallery of modern art.

The Time Dots 3D Wall Clock is not only a visually stunning piece but also a highly functional timekeeping device. Its precise quartz movement ensures accurate timekeeping, providing a reliable and convenient way to stay on schedule.